Animal Welfare Accreditation (QLD)

New mandatory animal welfare standards for all animals at rodeos and rodeo schools are enforceable as the code of practice for rodeos under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 for all events moving forward. The new requirements bring Queensland in line with other states and territories who have existing specific requirements for animal welfare in rodeos. The code of practice is based on the Queensland Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Animals at Rodeos (Rodeo standards) developed through the cooperation and consultation of the Stakeholder Advisory Group. The code of practice provides clear requirements for all people responsible for the organisation of rodeos and the care and management of cattle and horses used in rodeo and associated events. The code of practice brings many benefits and improvements to the welfare of animals in Queensland rodeos including the provision of minimum animal welfare standards for the care and handling of animals and a greater ability for enforcement of those standards by the government. From 1 January 2022, the rodeo code of practice will be a mandatory code under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (the Act). It contains the minimum acceptable standards of welfare for all animals being used at rodeos and rodeo schools

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