Northern Cowboys Association (NCA)

The Northern Cowboys Association Inc. was formed in 1995 to further develop the sport in the Territory by encouraging participation in the sport.

Starting out with only fifteen full members, it didn’t take long before this number began to grow and in 2010 the NCA has over 100 full members, 50 junior members and in excess of 500 day memberships.

In the Northern Territory the main rodeo season runs from April to November (dry season) with at least one rodeo every weekend. All rodeos are graded into maximum or minimum points award events..

Most rodeos in the NT are either held in the evening or at night because of the humidity and heat during the day. The welfare of all rodeo livestock is of utmost importance, which is why the cooler evenings are better suited to the animals and the public.

The sport of rodeo in the Northern Territory and Australia is forging ahead which has been achieved through a united front and a dedicated team of professionals from the National Rodeo Council of Australia.

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Contact: Tara Craigie (President) 
PO Box 849, Coolalinga NT 0839
M: 0438 876 273 |  E: