NRCA Policy

'Aims and Objectives'

1.         To promote the sport of rodeo throughout Australia and abroad

2.         To develop a unified representation capability for the purpose of liaison with government and environmental instrumentalities and other sectors of the community

3.         To work in conjunction with individual associations to promote the sport of rodeo

4.        To maintain a national register of competitors and rodeos held each year by Member Associations

5.         To administer and provide  personal accident, public liability and event management insurance for member associations and their
             affiliated committees, volunteers, officials, workers, competitors, stock contractors and board members

6.         To provide a standard set of competition rules to be abided by each member association

7.         To support, encourage and foster the development and promotion of junior rodeo in Australia

8.         To appropriately discipline individuals who cause disrepute to the sport of rodeo with the assistance of reciprocal member association suspensions

9.       To develop an efficient and effective central entries system.

10.       To foster and develop a national safety development programme inline with Australian Standards

11.       To implement adequate risk management strategies

12.       To develop a coordinated approach to education and training issues affecting member associations, their affiliated committees and individual members

13.       Liaise with all stakeholders within the equine industry on issues of common concern

14.       To promote and provide incentives for stock contractors to breed, develop and train livestock suitable for rodeo competition.

15.       Administer the upholding of the current Code of Conduct for the Welfare of Rodeo Animals