About NRCA

The National Rodeo Council of Australia 'NRCA' is the first organisation made up and run by a united body of rodeo associations nationally to further the sport of rodeo.

Formed in May 1992, the National Rodeo Council of Australia was founded after a series of planned meetings organised by Australian Heritage Promotions were attended by ALL major rodeo associations at that time.

(Front Row L-R) AHP Carl Piggott, AHP George Brown, ABCRA Keith Button. (Back Row L-R) AHP Ron Bryant, CRCA Les Flohr, CRCA Daryl Baulch, NRA Bob Armitage, NRA Bill Urquhart, ABCRA Greg Frewin


The major goal and objectives for the NRCA has always been to have one voice, representing rodeo at government level by eliminating the confusion of separate groups making individual representations and to work alongside each member Association to actively promote the sport of rodeo in Australia.  

A number of other benefits to members include the following:

  • Access to a proven National insurance scheme to protect competitors, committees, stock contractors and rodeo personnel
  • Compilation of a National sports register of injuries identifying the major risks involved in the sport
  • A National “COMMON” competition rulebook for competitors across all member associations
  • A National Finals for all Associations to determine an Australian Champion in each discipline; each year a National Finals event is conducted bringing together the top riders from each of the member Associations creating a 'Truly Unique' National Finals event
  • A fully funded office established 22 years
  • Advertorial preference in Australia’s longest serving magazine Rodeo in Australia for the benefit of sponsors, competitors, committees and spectators
  • Group buying for buckles and saddles; Members on presentation of membership receive 20% off all lines + 25% off all saddle blankets from NRF Sponsor Western Trading Company
  • A unified approach to represent members on issues of animal welfare and to assist in the formulation of policy for the welfare of livestock used in rodeo events
  • Reciprocal disciplinary action to eliminate offenders from riding in any member Association until fines are paid or suspensions lifted *Conditions apply
  • Assistance to Associations for poster design and printing
  • Assistance in formulating an accreditation manual for riders, stock contractors and judges and to advise on issues relating to work place health and safety, anti-discrimination and National recognition for all Associations
  • An  “Australian Rodeo Queen Quest”, a non-profit organisation, to increase public awareness and encourage young women into the heritage sport of Rodeo while promoting the sport and our country in Australia and overseas
  • Board meetings held each year to discuss issues of common concern relating to the rodeo industry

    Over the past 23 years, the National Rodeo Council has represented the following Associations (A-Z):
  •    Australian Bushmen's Campdraft & Rodeo Association Ltd 'ABCRA'
  •    Australian High School Rodeo Association Inc.  'AHSRA'
  •    Australian Professional Bull Riders Association Inc. 'APBA'
  •    Central Rodeo Cowboys Association Inc. 'CRCA'
  •    Cowboys & Cowgirls Rodeo Association Inc. 'CCRA'
  •    Indigenous Rodeo Riders Corporation 'IRRA'
  •    National Barrel Horse Association Inc. 'NBHA'
  •    National Student Rodeo Association Inc. 'NSRA'
  •    National Rodeo Association Ltd 'NRA'
  •    Northern Australia Horse & Cattle Association Inc. 'NAHC'
  •    Northern Cowboys Association Inc. 'NCA'
  •    NRCA Western Australia Branch Inc. 'NRCWA'
  •    Profesional Bull Riders Australia 'PBRA'
  •    Queensland Rodeo Association Inc. 'QRA'
  •    Rodeo Services Association Inc. 'RSA'
  •    West Coast Rodeo Circuit Inc. 'WCRC'

The 'NRCA' provides assistance to members in general administration, securing and managing a national insurance scheme for committees, stock contractors and competitors, training and safety programs, animal welfare issues and provides up to date government regulations and policies to its members. 

The National Rodeo Council of Australia is an organisation of rodeo associations to improve the sport and conditions for competitors and committees; it is not an association that conducts events in opposition to any Rodeo Association except a National Final for all competitors Australia wide. 

The NRCA is an information bureau for all of its members and distributes government rules and regulations as they are legislated.  It has an independent firm of lawyers, accountants and a chairman with a full corporate structure of rodeo personnel.

The NRCA has strong policies and objectives;  their insurance scheme is proven over the years and will continue to grow through the State and National bodies with planned accreditation schemes and junior policies with the support of its member groups.

The NRCA is a non-profit body that is wholly owned by the member Associations with equal representation and is open for membership without restriction after a qualifying period. 

For further information please do not hesitate in contacting our office 02 6737 3777 or email enquire@nationalrodeocoucil.com.au