Rodeo Services Australia (RSA)

Rodeo Services Australia 'RSA' was established in 1996 to fill a void in the industry when no other major Association was affiliating one-event promotions at the time.  

Association founder Colin McTaggart believed there was a need for these types of events as the sport of bull riding was increasing in popularity overseas.

*At no time was it ever intended to be in opposition to other Associations

Starting out with only six ‘Charity’ Bull Rides in Northern NSW Clubs and one Bull and Bronc corporate event at the Sydney Wharves, these shows were the humble beginnings of RSA.

By the year 2011 Rodeo Services has grown to affiliate in excess of (100) bull rides and full rodeo's annually.

Today, Rodeo Services strives to maintain a good balanced relationship between it's organising committees, stock contractors and competitors.

The Association was designed to help committees and competitors with a straight forward easy to understand system for running their Rodeo's, which has proven to be a successful combination.

'RSA' has a points award system throughout each year with trophy buckles for the highest money winners in each major event, plus second division and junior champions.

A rider accumulates one point for each one dollar won. The rider who has the highest number of points in each event wins a beautiful champion buckle at the end of each year.

Rodeo Services year is from 1st January to 31st December.  Competitors have the option of a yearly or day membership.

For further information regarding membership or the Association please contact: 

Contact: Lainey Roberts (Secretary)
PO Box 281 Goondiwindi QLD 4390
M: 0427 814 449  |  F: 07 4641 7477  |  E: