Risk Management Toolkit

The National Rodeo Council of Australia has developed a 'Risk Management Toolkit' which includes a series of targeted support material to assist Affiliates in planning, preparing and effectively managing risk, safety and compliance at events to help minimise the potential for any injury to a third party.

Designed for event organisers, committees, associations, instructors, stock contractors. This toolkit provides you with useful tools, templates and information to assist you with running an event.

Toolkit includes:

General Risk Management

Supporting Documents

CovidSafe Documents

  1. NRCA National COVID Planning Guideline
  2. NRCA COVID-19 Safe SPORTS Plan for Rodeo, Horse Sports and Camel Race Events
  3. NRCA COVID Safe EVENT Plan for Event Organisers (QLD)

Supporting Documents

While we encourage affiliates to utilise these tools, these documents do not
guarantee the safety of events and should be used as a guide only and modified
where necessary to suit your event conditions and any local/state government regulations.