Insurance (Stock Contractor Affiliates)


As a benefit of your affiliation with the National Rodeo Council of Australia (associated as an individual approved by a recognised Australian Rodeo Association), you are covered under the NRCA Stock Contractor group insurance policy based on a common policy period of 31st July 2020 - 31st August 2021.

The National Rodeo Council of Australia (NRCA) has sourced this group insurance policy through an independent Australian Financial Services Provider (AFS) for the benefit of its members and affiliates based on the following terms and conditions:

Business Activities

This policy provides cover for the supply of stock for rodeo events, schools and practice sessions Australia wide for NRCA and Non NRCA events, including housing, transporting, loading, unloading and pre-event practice running of stock (on own property). Handling of stock at rodeo grounds, supply and set up of portable seating, chutes and event arenas (excludes the organisation and running of any Rodeo event).


This policy provides cover for ONE nominated insured, either as a sole trader or a company or a joint venture (JV) *If a JV,
it will only cover the activities of the JV and will not apply to business activities which are conducted outside of the JV. This insurance policy will only respond to the nominated insured’s name should a claim or action be taken against you in connection with the insured business activities. All other Contractors sub-contracting under the nominated ‘insured’ Stock Contractor, are required to purchase or hold their own insurance policy to ensure adequate cover is in place.

Event Organisation/Management

Stock Contractors who are 'organising' or ‘managing’ a rodeo event in any capacity in addition to supplying stock, are required to hold their own public liability cover in ADDITION to this general NRCA Affiliate Stock Contractor liability cover.

As an affiliate Stock Contractor under the National Rodeo Council of Australia we can offer a reduced fee for EVENT Public Liability on application. To access cover you are required to submit an application for approval online CLICK HERE to apply.

Workers Compensation

This policy does not have a Workers Compensation component and if you employ anyone in your business (where you pay PAYG tax to the ATO) you are required by law to hold an adequate Workers Compensation policy OR if you are using the services of a sub-contractor, the sub-contractor should have their own work cover insurance in place. If no work cover insurances are in place, a personal accident policy is required and can be supplied through the NRCA office on a per event basisCLICK HERE to apply online  

Practice Sessions

If conducting a practice session; where you have supplied stock and you are running the practice session on your own property it is mandatory that release and waiver forms are signed by participants and workers and participant registrations are submitted to our office. It is the stock contractor’s responsibility to keep all original signed waivers filed and recorded. Stock contractors must adhere to the National Rodeo Council of Australia COVID-Safe Safety Plan when conducting sessions on their property.

Registration Notification & Fees

a) Notification of rider/worker participation at a practise session must be submitted to our office PRIOR to conducting any practice sessions with fees of $17.50 per senior, $11.50 per junior and $13.95 per worker per day applicable.

b) It is the stock contractor’s responsibility to submit a participant/worker notification for any registered practice sessions held on their property to the NRCA office by online application or email PRIOR to supplying stock for a practice session you have organised and to collect fees from the riders.

c) Payment of fees and list of rider registrations must be forwarded to our office within seven (7) days of running the practice session  CLICK HERE to complete your reconciliation online and upload any injury reports if necessary.

This clause does not apply to any rodeo events where your services have been contracted to provide stock, this only applies to your own organised practice sessions held on your property, with your own stock.